Two Paths Forward

Right now we are becoming more and more connected to each other through social media. Anyone can build an audience. Anyone can build a brand. Big brands have become uncontrollable giants. The little guys are making their living too.

What happens next? There are two roads forward.

In the first, the world gets too noisy. The big corporations only get bigger, and they take over. Amazon and Apple have squashed every bug, and every blog has 5 readers, because the only ones worth listening to are the big guys.

In the second, everyone has a voice. You know the people you sell to, and we once again become craftsmen. We make one type of thing, we do it really well, and we sell to the people we know and who trust us. The difference is, this peer to peer commerce is now on a global scale. It is not peer to peer, face to face, in your town. It is peer to peer through the most popular platforms on the internet. Perhaps it becomes decentralized, and we all have our own profiles untouched by corporations on the blockchain.

The first outcome is dependent on a scarcity view of the world. There is only so much attention, and the ones who have the most already will suffocate the little guys.

The second is an abundant world view. There are billions of people, and we all need different things, and the market is big enough that anyone can reach exactly the audience they need to design their life.