Photographic Therapy

One day a few months back I was at the office at K-Swiss, and my morning just sucked. It was one of those days when you wake up badly, with hardly enough sleep. You get to the office and it's Monday. This week is going to have a heavy workload. I'm going to spend all my time editing, and not get to be behind the camera... It's a little dreadful.

So at lunch I decided to go for a walk.

It started raining right before I walked out.

But, I had a film camera in my bag with a roll of Black and White Film so I decided to just go outside and see what beauty my depressed brain could could find and capture on film.

I shot a few symmetrical street photos, some buildings, some cloud cover. But this photo makes me feel something.


It's pouring down raining, it's cold, it's hazy, it's early. But he's walking his dog. I don't know if it's companionship that touches me in this photo, or grit, or discipline, or maybe just the rain that gets me. Photos like this are therapy for me.

What's your therapy?