Work, Life, and Personal Work

Work-Life Balance is quite a common topic of discussion in the work place and among entrepreneurial groups.

Where does Personal Work fit into that? You could also call it a "side hustle" if you want to use modern slang.

Right now I have 3 priorities.

#1 get my personal life in order. Financial, emotional, relational stability.

#2 keep my career in order. Money is made, clients are happy, business is growing, workload is manageable.

#3 is to get my personal work off the ground. This is my writing, my "personal brand", my photography that is my art, not images for an advertising campaign.

Personal work is important, especially for creative people. You've got to have something that you own, that you have full creative control over. This way, you don't take client feedback quite so harshly. You get better because you're practicing. You can spend extra time on a portrait, learning new retouching techniques or new ways to light your subject. You can bring what you learn into your daily work.

What personal work do you need to make time for?