The #1 Quality of a Great Manager

… is knowing that he or she genuinely wants the best for me.

I’ve had managers and clients in the past who only cared about the work being done to spec by a certain, truthfully arbitrary date. They sacrificed quality, flexibility, openness, happiness, balance, all for the sake of the arbitrary deadline.

I currently have managers who genuinely want me to grow as an individual, bring ideas to the table, develop my craft, have a good home life, take time off, grab coffee with coworkers, because they know that if I’m content and happy at work, it will show in what I produce.

The former drove me to quit working with them and my work truly was sub-par.

The latter has accelerated my skill acquisition, and made me stay at the company longer than any previous job or client.

Every office has issues. Every work relationship has faults. Every manager, can manage better. Every employee can be more productive.

Progress will not be made unless the manager cares about the individual more than the work. If you don’t care, one of you should be fired.