On Finding Beauty in the Mundane

There is so much beauty in the world, when you look for it, even in the mundane happenings of every normal day.

What if you could turn on a part of your brain that let you see it all?

You’re not just seeing a dirty city street, you’re seeing years of wear on a building being brightly lit by the morning light. Someone peeking out their window with their morning cup of coffee, taking a moment to themselves before the day.

You see a woman riding her bright yellow bicycle to work, framed perfectly by the signs behind her in the diamond district, and beautifully backlit by the sun.

You see a man walking his dog, completely at peace. You imagine you are that man. You empathetically feel that love for a companion, the care and the ritual of walking together each morning.

Today I saw Cham doing her makeup, looking into a small mirror at her features in our well-lit bathroom. There’s an elegance and a charm in the process of a woman putting herself together in a way that she feels confident to represent herself in the world.

I just want to see the beauty amidst the chaos. If I can capture it, maybe I can share it with you. If you see enough of it from me, maybe you’ll start to see it too.