No Bullshit, What Would It Take?

One of my old clients, Tom Bilyeu used to describe a game he would play to break past really hard problems.

One example he often used, was that of his sister. Tom’s sister was obese, and he wanted nothing more than to help her lose weight healthily so that she could be more happy in her own skin. This proved near impossible due to her eating habits, craving, and struggle with eating a clean diet.

Now, here’s how the game works:

  • Disregard all laws

  • Disregard moral obligations

  • Disregard dogmatic limitations

  • What would it actually take to achieve the goal?

So, no bullshit, what would it take to get her to lose some excess body fat?

One solution, is to kidnap her. Take her to an island, or a cell. Feed her 1,000 calories worth of chicken and broccoli every day. She comes out when she’s thin.

This is a horrible plan. Multiple laws are broken, she will never forgive him, they’ll both be scarred for life.

Another solution, is that Tom could make food that she would choose based on taste, and it happened to be good for her.

That seemed laughable, and then became the Billion Dollar Business Quest Nutrition.

So no bullshit, what would it take for you to achieve your goal?