The Marketing Funnel, Reversed

If I look at my Instagram analytics I’ll find about 4k followers, roughly 750 unique people reached each month, and I can usually expect about 100 people to really view and engage with me whether they watch my Instagram stories or look at my posts and read the caption.

Then of those 100 people who actually care at all, I have previously made money from about 5 of them, and if I sold a physical product I could expect 5-10 sales. That’s provided what I’m selling is actually valuable to them in some way.

Part of the reason my audience doesn’t translate too much monetary value in the way of sales is because I set it up that way. For the longest time I was focused on building a photographer’s Instagram, and not so worried about giving anything more to my followers in the way of my thoughts or advice around what I’ve learned.

I’ve long been part of this large funnel approach. It looks exactly like my analytics.

A) as many impressions as possible (4k followers)

B) a certain percentage will actually notice (750 Reach)

C) a certain percentage will care to engage (100 likes)

D) a certain percentage will take action from the post (5-10)

What if there’s another way?

What if I put all my energy into those 5-10 people that really matter? What if I did things for them, and they tell their friends about me? Those friends are likely to care as much as they do.

With this approach, you focus on serving the vital few, and as a consequence of that you have an increasing number of buyers, as well as increased clout overall.

What if I only focused on growing my core group of radical fans? How might that change my business?

How could it change yours?