Make Coffee to Beat The Resistance

Writing requires a level of focus and attention from me that few other activities require, and I think talking about it here will help other creatives. This is my process for facing and beating “The Resistance” to creative work.

When I write, I need to be in an open and calm state of mind. I need to be able to encounter ideas and synthesize them with rational judgement, otherwise I’ll never let a thought slip out of my head and onto the keyboard.

When I'm sticking to my routine during the week, I wake up and through the process of waking, showering, making the first cup of coffee slowly and perfectly in a Chemex, I can achieve the right calm state of mind.

This routine relaxes and takes care of my body, while leaving me isolated from devices and creating room to simply think.

When I can't go through my entire routine in the morning, I can usually still do the last step, which is coffee. Any time of day if I’m going to sit and write, or do any kind of creative work truthfully, I’m going to make coffee first. The key to this is the craft of actually making it properly.

First, I heat water to 195 degrees. I manually fold my Chemex filter and place it in the Chemex. When the water is heated, I wet the filter, and ditch the paper-tasting water inside. I pour in 1 scoop of dark roasted grounds. Then, you pour the water in and allow it to bloom. The blooming process starts the caffeine extraction, and releases the most wonderful aroma of the coffee-making experience. Then it takes about a minute to finish the pour, and another minute to ditch the filter and pour the coffee in a mug.

This process gets me into the right headspace, following a set of actions to achieve an end result. When I write I sit, open my laptop, sip my coffee, and I think and write until I have something to share.