Be a Craftsman

Something happens when you encounter a truly great craftsman. They only do one thing, but they do that one thing SO well, that it looks like magic.

A true craftsman spends years honing his craft, working each and every day relentlessly in pursuit of excellence, until the work becomes a part of him.

It becomes part of his identity to be a carpenter, a cinematographer, a barista, a writer.

Craft is about pursuing excellence, not hours.

Craft is about creating something of beauty.

Craftsmen take pride in their work.

Craftsmen are the best at what they do.

Craft does not care about reach.

Craft does not care about scale.

Craft does not purposelessly follow trends.

A craftsman is a certain type of man, dedicated to creating something of value for people that need it, with consistency and excellence.

Craft is an approach. It’s a set of values around the work to be done.

How can you turn your job, into your craft?