Batching Content Production for Publishing Consistently

Twice in the last few weeks I have come across people I admire who regularly publish the highest quality content on platforms I want to do well on. Both of them batch their content creation.

Here’s what batching is: first, you take a day where you have enough mental energy and time to actually create things, and then you keep creating until your creative juice is depleted. Then the key is to take the sum total of your creative work, and release it on a schedule that is optimized for how your intended audience will consume it.

The first platform I care about is this one, my writing. After studying how prolific of a writer Seth Godin is, I discovered that part of his secret is that he sits down to write every day, but only stops when the well runs dry. Some days he’ll write 1 bad article that never gets published. Other days he’ll write 13, 11 of which are added to the queue. The rule is that one blog post goes up every day. When those posts are created doesn’t matter.

The second platform I care about is Instagram, and my friend Erick (@erickhercules) follows a similar approach by shooting for only 4 days each month. In the 4 days he spends shooting, he not only produces all of his own content, but he also shoots all of his client work, spec work, and experiments in those 4 days. The rest of the month according to him, is spent in Business Development, finding and serving his clients, and growing his business.

The way I’ve now applied this approach to my own work is as follows.

For Instagram, I’ve started using Planoly to take the images I have queued up and schedule them with captions and hashtags to help them reach more people.

For my writing, I’ve started a habit of sitting down to write at some point almost every day, and I just save the drafts, and schedule them when I feel good about it and have no more changes.