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Your Barista Could Help You Achieve Your Goal

Your Barista Could Help You Achieve Your Goal

Two things have happened recently which led me to a very interesting situation today.

  1. I read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. (Highly Recommend)

  2. I have been trying to wake up early to have alone time in the morning.

Waking up early is incredibly hard for me. Part of it is probably just laziness. The other part is certainly a grueling work schedule and an absolute love for sleep.

But, I want to wake up early so that I can spend 5a-6a doing random relaxing and fun things or getting some fun work done. I might spend this hour watching TV, YouTube, learning something in After Effects, editing, working on the business… etc. Then from 6a to about 6:30–6:45a I want to set aside time to work out. Finding time to work out has proven to be hard, and working out in the morning has proven to give me more energy through the day, so it’s worth it.

When I read 12 Rules for Life, one of the principles laid out in the book is to always assume the person you’re listening to knows something that you don’t.

This morning, I went to a local coffee shop in Downtown Los Angeles for a cold brew to start the day. The barista asked how my day was going so far and I told him it was great because I woke up a little early (6a) and had an hour to myself. He went on to tell me how he loves getting up early at 4:30, so he has an hour to himself and time to work out every morning before getting to work at 6:30, and when he made that switch it was huge for him.

So I got the chance to ask just another guy in Downtown, “How did you make that switch?”

His answer, “I just set a very specific routine. I go to bed by 10, and wake up at 4:30. The routine, going to bed on time, and not going out and drinking all the time let me wake up early.”

His answer is great, and it is something I’ve heard many times before. The big thing that hit me this morning was the fact that I got very sound advice from someone who is very similar to me but is at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to what society deems “success” to be.

Why would you take advice from a Barista instead of your favorite self-help guru? Because you want to wake up early, and he’s mastered that.