My Love for Apple Events

Roughly 2-3 times a year, Apple hosts an event to talk about Hardware and Software improvements in their product line, and sell developers and customers on the next generation.

These events originated with Steve Jobs, and his early presentations are the backbone of my love for technology. Steve had a way of poetically revealing the complex systems being created for you and explaining it as a tool that “just works”. Apple’s early products were artistically beautiful, detail oriented, and intuitive to use.

In the last few years since Steve Jobs passed, Apple is less of the innovation giant led by Steve Jobs; and has become an extremely large technology corporation with a strong heritage of innovation and revolutionary ideas. Notice: I said heritage. Since Steve Jobs passed, Apple has lost its edge. It lost its mission of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It started focusing on incremental upgrades instead of revolutionary ideas. It stopped giving us the magic we crave.

Every time an event is announced, I add it to the calendar and watch it live. Every time I watch an event, I wait for that spark of the old Apple to come back. I wait for the screen in the back to read, “One More Thing…” indicating something big is about to happen.

Maybe the magic has been stifled. Maybe the magic is gone. Who will give it back to us?