A Better Path

The best way to figure out the best of two options, is to just try one. If it works, awesome. If not, I guess the other option was correct.

In my case, it was better to write a few articles about Technology, Philosophy, and Work, to realize I didn’t care much for writing about Technology.

Technology is fascinating to me for its ability to broaden possibilities. Consumer products like PCs, keyboards, mice, tablets, phones from all sorts of manufacturers, cameras… they interest me. However, writing about them feels like writing about the news, just relaying facts.

What I love about writing is the idea I get to convey.

I love sharing things that have been good for me; and most often that lies in my work or my approach to life, not the tools I use to express myself.

Don’t be afraid to change direction. If you know a better path, take it. What is the alternative? Willful, unfruitful labor? Sounds depressing.