You Have Your Answers

When you ask GaryVee or some other celebrity entrepreneur a question, you’re going to get a fairly simple response.

How do I grow my business? Treat your customers like royalty.

How do I get better ad conversion? Make better ad creative.

How can I be happy? Gratitude.

Maybe it’s not such a simple question.

Maybe you ask something that requires more context. You give context, and now Gary is figuring out which life philosophy he has that best fits. The context gives him the ability to find a similar story from his life or friends or other fans and he shares that experience with you.

But maybe this is all completely unnecessary.

Who has the most context on you? You.

Whose life does your choice most affect? Yours.

You have the context. You have a value system. You have all the options at hand. You have a gut feeling for what you need to do, but you’re scared.

Let’s be honest, what you're looking for is validation. You’re looking for permission. You want to know that when you do x, you’ll get y.

I’m sorry, but not even Gary can give you that certainty.

You have your answers. Now go and decide to act.