The Difference Between Being Persistent, and Being a Pest

Persistence is virtuous, it’s advantageous, it’s necessary for reaching any goal.

When you are doing anything that requires outreach, booking a podcast guest, landing an internship or a new job, trying to meet GaryVee; there is a fine line between being persistent, and being a pest.

The difference, is in the value you bring to the table.

I worked at VaynerMedia for a year as a videographer on the VaynerTalent team. To get that gig, I emailed the decision maker (DRock) 7 times before he saw my interest and asked for work examples. I then had to send the work examples another 7 times for him to see them and get on the phone with me. But why did he accept the call? Because I was actually exactly the person they needed to hire, so my persistence was appreciated.

Recently, I’ve gotten quite a few sales messages on LinkedIn. One in particular was offering a training for videographers to help them go “from 2k per month to 13k per month”. Let’s just say I know how to make money, so it’s not particularly valuable to me and I ignored it.

She sent me 5 more messages with language like “I’m persistent so I’m not stopping until you tell me to F off!”

This is being a pest. It will not help you sell yourself.

So if you have something truly valuable to give to the other party, be persistent. If you don’t, don’t be a pest.