How to Pitch Your Freelance Work

One of the first, really hard things you have to learn as a freelancer is how to pitch yourself.

In the beginning you feel crazy asking someone to pay you for pictures, or for your writing, or a video, whatever it is you do. It feels like imposter syndrome, or like a scam in some ways. This person could pay anyone to take photos, at almost any price point, why you?

That’s the first question to ask yourself, why should they choose me? And the answer must be true and unbiased. It could be:

  • Your creative vision.

  • Your ability to make something solid despite circumstances.

  • Your unique style.

  • Your low price.

  • Your existing audience.

Whatever you have that few others do, that’s your selling point.

Once you know what you’re selling, package it up.

  • 3 examples of that kind of work you’ve done in the past (or your own pro-bono work that shows you can do it).

  • 3 pricing models for…

  • 3 different sets of deliverables.

Beginner/Intermediate Pricing and Deliverable Examples:

  • $1,000 for 1 photoshoot and 10 final images.

  • $3,000 a month for 30 Instagram Posts, Captions, and Tags.

  • $350 day rate for any service.

  • $50 per hour for any service.

The most important piece is having previous work to show. The client needs to say, “Do this again, but with our product.” And then be happy with the price you set.