How and Where to Start Creating Content: Jordan Harbinger's Advice.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying to San Jose for a campaign video and photo shoot with Jordan Harbinger. If you aren’t familiar with Jordan, he is the host of the Jordan Harbinger Show and formerly Art of Charm, and his podcast is downloaded over 6 Million times a month. Jordan is one of the OG names in the modern Personal Development space and in my opinion, one of the most genuinely qualified to give great advice.

During the hour-long interview, we covered a huge variety of topics which I hope to continue exploring as I make the content. One thing in particular he said stuck out to me, and is super relevant right now for me as I get back into writing and making my own things again. I’m paraphrasing, but I really want to explore this topic of how and where to start creating and publishing your own content online.

Pick 1-2 platforms, and stick to it.

When Jordan was describing his approach to publishing content, he told us that he thinks people should only pick 1-2 platforms that they really enjoy, and just do that. For Jordan, he loves the platform of voice. Over a decade ago podcasting wasn’t really a thing, so he would upload mp3 files teaching soft skills to a private domain and send the link out to friends and colleagues who asked for it. His limited growth didn’t matter because he had something valuable to say, he was comfortable speaking on it, and it was helping several individuals who needed it.

Fast forward through podcasting becoming a thing, his show growing immensely, and tons of high quality guests, he’s essentially doing the exact same thing. He’s teaching people through audio. Only recently did he move into a second medium being video on YouTube, and he’s simply filming the conversations he already has for the podcast and publishing that.

I think the important thing to learn here is that he started with what he knew he liked and could do well, and just did it for years.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome!

According to Jordan, what stops most people is something he refers to as “Shiny Object Syndrome”. Too many people are just chasing shiny objects.

What’s the trendiest new style of video? I’m on Instagram. I should also be on SnapChat. Maybe I’ll hop on YouTube. I can’t let my Facebook die. What’s TikTok? I guess I should get on there too.

According to Jordan, GaryVee is different. Gary just loves social media as a whole so he’ll do all of it and do it well. But he has a team! A huge team of over 20 people who are dedicated to making his social media content for every platform and now expanding to different languages. That’s a whole different animal that you should not necessarily strive toward or compare yourself to.

The reason people quit so quickly, the reason I’ve quit creating for myself time and time again, is because I tried to do it all. I tried to optimize for growth before I had anything to say, or a space to start talking.

Finally, he said something that really hit me.

If you really wanted to change people’s thinking, you’d just start writing.

I’m in a unique place because writing is something I enjoy and am pretty good at. But I think this is really true regardless. If you want to change people’s thinking, write. Audio is good for that too. Videos if done well, although videos can be very fast for exchanging complex ideas. If you want to make art, pick up a camera or a canvas. If you want to be a documentarian, pick up a camera or become a journalist.

The marriage between the message and the medium is where great creative works are made.

How I’m following this advice…

I think when you start creating, you have know what you’re saying first, then you have to decide in what way you can communicate it best.

For me, I’m going through a lot of growth and change as I build my career in Los Angeles, start building my company with my partner Leann, and am just experiencing all facets of life. I’m constantly looking for little ways I can be better and then share my learnings, or finding little moments of beauty that make the hard things easier, and share them.

So I’m writing about my growth and change as a person, and about different philosophies I encounter, people like Jordan Harbinger I have the chance to meet, and talking about my photography. On Instagram when this goes out, I’m going to post a little blooper video from the day of the interview and link people to this blog post ( I might make a video using this blog as a script, and intercut with Jordan’s comments. Other than that though, I’m not too worried about making stories about this topic, or putting a video on TikTok or Facebook or any of those other things. It’s just not important enough, and it’s not where this content belongs.

If you’d like to watch the campaign video I made with Jordan, check it out here:

If you have any questions for me, ideas for future blog posts, or thoughts to share, I want to hear from you! Please just email me.

Thanks for reading, Mason.