It's Going to Hurt Either Way

I started running faster, and going for longer, when I realized my legs would hurt whether I went slow or fast. I actually stopped dead in my tracks mid-run, shins and ankles on fire, and it didn’t hurt any less.

Might as well keep going. Might as well focus on the music instead. Might as well feel the blood pumping in my veins. Might as well feel alive and see the beauty in the trees and the golden hour light around me.

It’s the same in life, in work, in relationships. Sure you might have an asshole boss. You might be in serious debt. You might need a break. You definitely need to find a way to make those things in your life better.

But right now, it might reduce your suffering if you accept that you must deal with those things in their own time.

Then you can return your focus to right now, to the project at hand, the person in front of you, the light at sunset.